Tin Hearts

What I love most about London is the random way you meet people and the random way you’re connected to everyone. Despite being a city with a gajjillion people, in some round about way, everyone is only a few steps removed. The random way people meet in London When I was in Thailand, David called … Continue reading

Sometimes … ‘Life Just Is’

I really don’t know where this road will take me. I don’t see how I can make money from this little hobby of mine. I don’t see a career change coming up any time soon. And I definitely don’t see myself as an aspiring wedding photographer or someone aspiring to break into the wedding industry. … Continue reading

Aussie band ‘MOVE’ rocks London

Young. Talented. Ambitious. And following their Dream. I almost hate them for it! : ) But their music is too good to hate and their personalities are soooo BIG you’re bound to fall in love with them just as I have! Truth is I’m jealous that they have a dream. And even more jealous that … Continue reading

Justine, a shot that invites you in but leaves you wanting more

It was Justine’s birthday last Thursday and I decided to get her a little surprise. I’ve known for a while now that acting is her first love and while she is on this journey of expanding her acting career, I wanted to contribute something to her dream. I knew she needed new head shots. The … Continue reading