Jose & Paulina, fun love in the amusement park

You might remember Jose & Paulina from the shoot we did with the old steam train. What you don’t know is that we actually shot at two different locations that day. The train station during the day and a random amusement park at night. The day shoot went by so quickly. Location was superb and … Continue reading

autumn calls for romance and cuddles

With the risk of having my blog looking like an online shrine for Van and Garry, I’m going to post one last shoot I did for them a couple of weeks ago. It’s the final shoot that marks the end of this online saga and it also marks the beginning of what I know will … Continue reading

Sean & Emma, a traditional chinese wedding

My blog felt a little incomplete until now. I had posted 2 engagement shoots we did for Sean & Emma. One was a moody and dark engagement shoot based on an affair and the other was a sad and gloomy engagement shoot. I didn’t feel like I did them justice as a couple ‘leaving them’ … Continue reading

immersed in love. deep as the ocean, vast as the sea.

I have the honor and not to mention the excitement of posting these pictures up. Not only are they two of my favourite people but these pictures also represent so many things I love: friendship, beauty, nature, freedom, new beginnings and doing something unexpected and out of the ordinary. Within less than 24 hours of … Continue reading

Garry & Van … the happy quirky couple

You always make time for what you love. That’s the first thing that came to mind when I woke up this morning. I’m not a morning person. I usually sleep around 2am. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later but very rarely do I get up early. But today was different. I’m flying out tonight (to Sydney) and … Continue reading

Jose & Paulina, photo shoot inspired by Pearl Harbour

I love the movie Pearl Harbour. There are so many memorable scenes in the movie but the ones I love most are the scenes at the train station. I’m not sure if you remember but there are actually 2 train scenes. Both visually beautiful. The first one is them meeting up again after being apart. … Continue reading