Profile: Thao Dang is an art director and photographic story teller. She only works with couples who are engaged to be married and want to create unusual stylised engagement photos. I believe that the engagement phase of the relationship is one of the most beautiful, most challenging and under-captured phases of a relationship. It’s the ‘in-between’ phase between the proposal of marriage and “happily ever after”. A stylised photo shoot is one of the most magical ways to capture, remember, celebrate and share this special period of your life. What I’m known for is interpreting and translating the essence of a relationship into photographic stories. I collaborate with photographers to create stylised, interesting, and unique photo shoots that tell a story about the couple. Quite simply, they are designed to take your breath away and for you to share enchanting images with your friends and family. We live in a world, where many of your loved ones are spread out in different countries and cultures. The only link that connects us day to day is our photos and stories that we share. My goal is to capture your story, stylise it into classic mythology and create a photo portfolio that you can share with family and friends that will leave the feeling enchanted and connected to you during this magical time of your life.

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