mortality and love

Deaths, births, family obligations, sacrifice, misunderstandings, lost loves, passive aggressiveness.

A bit heavy for my first blog for 2011 but my first 6 days of 2011 have been all about the above. Well not literally … but it seems that the last week or so I’ve been having countless D&M’s (deep and meaningful conversations) with people around me. Actually if I’m honest the last 10 days have been full of D&M’s.

I guess the beginning of a new decade calls for a reflection of the past and an evaluation of the future. And being tipsy and borderline drunk in Barcelona for 4 consecutive days definitely doesn’t help either … or does it?

When I think about it, the common thread in all my conversations really came down to one thing. Actually two: Mortality & Love … and our awareness of the two in many ways dictates our behaviour towards others and ourselves.

When I finished high school I didn’t have any sense of my mortality. I was young, carefree and really didn’t think about much. Now as I’m slowly getting older, I realise my parents and grandparents are getting older … I’m conscious of their mortality and my own. Death is not something I want to worry and think about on a daily basis but the more I’m conscious of it … the more good I want to bring into this world, the more time I want to spend with my parents and family and the more chances I want to take in life.

Realising my mortality makes me want to stop wasting time in my life and start living. And knowing that the people around me won’t be around forever makes me want to really ‘be’ with people when I’m with them. To listen to them, to understand them an to truly know them. So often in life we go through exchanging pleasantries that we are never present with the people we love.

Adding Love to the equation
Love is strange one because everyone has a different definition of love. But combining the word love to mortality gives it a more ‘universal meaning’. It takes out all the romantic commercial BS and keeps ‘love’ simple and clean. Undconditional love. For yourself and others. Where ultimately what you want for yourself and others is to be happy … you want them to know you loved them in this lifetime.

I just wonder … if we were more present to our mortality … would we learn to love deeper, live fuller, laugh harder? … Would we treat the people around us differently?… Would we let go of the people that we unconsciously still think about and make peace with those we have hurt? … Would we smile more, take more chances, see more countries, learn more languages, try the things we are afraid of? … Would we finally do all the things our heart yearns for?

You hear it time and time again that lives are cut short unexpectedly. People are lost without warning and lives that live on are never the same. No one can predict what the future holds for us all but if we start living or life with an awareness of our mortality … maybe it will help us love others (and ourselves) more.

And on that note … take the road less traveled in 2011. You never know what beauty you may find.


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