women have ‘dragon colds’ not ‘man colds’

I’m sick. I’ve woken up feeling pretty crappy over the last 2 days. Especially this morning. I woke up feverish, moody and grumpy. So what did I do? I wrote a to-do list of all the things I had been procrastinating. All my personal admin stuff that I hate … reimbursements, calling utility companies, redirecting mail etc-. I told myself I would get through the day by doing the stuff i hate (what the hell was I thinking?!).

Needless to say I lost the battle before it begun. But then not did I only feel sick, feverish and grumpy. I was also really angry at myself for procrastinating all the little things that add up to big things. There are some things I’m great at and other things I’m crap at. When I’m sick I get angry at myself for being crap at the little things.

I’ve had an exhausting traumatic internal day.

But I can’t help but wonder …

If I had woken up sick, why didn’t I just give myself a light easy day off?

Instead … I exhausted myself further by putting unrealistic demands on my body and mind which then overwhelmed me and forced me to lie in bed. Why am I so dramatic sometimes? If I’m sick, spend a day in bed. Why make myself feel like shit in the process.

Men suffer from ‘man colds’ … Women suffer from ‘dragon colds’
Moments like this I wish I was a guy so I could just get a ‘man cold’. Their sookey-lala behavior is socially acceptable these days (apparently they think it’s endearing??? what the?! can someone tell them they have been seriously misinformed!!). I think as a woman I get a ‘dragon cold’. I breathe out flames to anyone who tries to speak to me, I grow thick scaly skin to ward things off and I look grumpy so no one asks me to do anything.

Why do women have ‘dragon colds’?
All a bit insane if you ask me. But a dragon cold is a woman’s way of desperately saying she needs space. She does not know how to say it nicely so she becomes scary looking so you don’t ask her to do anything more than what she has to do. She is already stretched too thinly and doesn’t want to feel bad by saying no. We have to draw on every ounce of our mind body to get us through the day.

Unlike man cold suffers who believe the world should stop because they feel a tincy wincy bit sick … ‘dragon cold’ suffers feel they need to push through aggressively and ‘beat the cold’ (when did men become so feminine and women become so aggressive?).

I think at the core, dragon cold suffers only suffer from this type of cold because a) they feel ‘over-responsible’ and don’t feel like they can take a day off … and b) because they feel unworthy to be vulnerable.

Neither of which is true.

How to be around women with ‘dragon colds’
So men, if you see a women suffering from a ‘dragon cold’ … just let her be. Don’t crack jokes. Don’t look at her. Don’t try and fix it. And definitely don’t tell her she looks grumpy and is in a bad mood (that one never goes down well). She just needs space. Take on some of her responsibilities for her. Do stuff around the house, make her a cup of tea, help her before she has to ask for it. You’ll score major brownie points and what you do will be noticed more than ever before.

And if she’s suffering from a ‘severe dragon cold’ … run … run very very fast and get out of the house. You’ve been warned!!!

ps. I love this photo. It’s the dragon from Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It kind of conveys how a woman feels when she’s sick. Sensitive but needing to be tough.

And for those who want a good laugh … check out the ‘man cold’ skit below


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