Sean & Emma, a traditional chinese wedding

My blog felt a little incomplete until now.

I had posted 2 engagement shoots we did for Sean & Emma. One was a moody and dark engagement shoot based on an affair and the other was a sad and gloomy engagement shoot.

I didn’t feel like I did them justice as a couple ‘leaving them’ that way on my blog. They are one of the funniest couples I know and I LOVE spending time with both of them. I met them ‘on the job’ so to speak but since then we’ve become friends and I love both their personalities (they’re very different to one another!).

Mr & Mrs Chilled Out
I have to give them both credit as Sean & Emma’s wedding was one of the most relaxing and chilled out weddings I have ever been to. It was definitely a reflection of the couple as Emma (although stunningly gorgeous) is the most low maintenance bride I’ve ever come across. And Sean is equally chilled out. They are both thoughtful, kind and considerate and you could tell their friends and family were the same.

Traditional Chinese Blessings
Sean & Emma had a traditional Chinese style weddings and Chinese weddings are all about the family. It’s about honoring your parents and honoring your brothers and sisters for what they have done for you and asking for their blessing. So the photos I’ve chosen are not just about the couple but about the family who mean so much to them. The only exception is Henry, Sean’s best man (his pic looks a bit out of place amongst the family) … I’ve included him because I think he is like a brother to Sean and he did lots of running around on the wedding day.

So … without further delay and to complete their story on my blog … here is the moody & sad couple … now happily married with blessing from their family.

Photographer: Darren Wong

Location: Y Ban Restaurant, London


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