i’m doing this because I want to be creative

Sounds lame I know. But it’s true. And I’m not talking about blogging either.

Ok maybe I’m not doing it to ‘be’ creative but rather I’m doing it to explore my creativity.

I have often looked at other women, usually close girlfriends and thought ‘wow they are so amazingly talented and creative … I wish I could be like them’. Hannah cooks the most amazing food, Kristin is an awesome interior designer, Anna can DJ like a pro, Karon takes my breath away when she sings and my sister Kathy is awesome at putting together IKEA furniture.

The truth is, as much as I love and adore my friends and as much as I would love to be like just like them, I’m not. I’ll never cook as good as Hannah or decorate beautiful homes like Kristin because in my heart of hearts, if I’m honest …  I have no desire to. I don’t have the patience or inspiration for either.

This was a soothing revelation to me and I felt soooo much better until I asked myself …
“How am I creative?” and ‘What beauty do I want to bring to this world?’.

The sad thing was, I didn’t know the answers to either and I felt empty.

This was about 2 months ago.

Life always gives us what we ask for …
So looking back now, it seems a little uncanny that my good photographer friend called me up out of the blue to ask me to work on few photo shoots with him. He asked me if I would be interested in Art Directing the shoots and without knowing exactly what he meant … I said yes.

Even now, I still don’t know what the official description of an Art Director is. All I know is, it’s my job to creatively collaborate with the photographer and client to bring beautiful memories, beautiful experiences and beautiful photos into this world.

This blog is a journal of these creative collaborations. Nothing here was inspired by just me.

9 Responses to “i’m doing this because I want to be creative”
  1. Ryan Pinnick says:

    Yay Thao – great to see your creativity and I am looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Mikeski says:

    Love it TT! Is this the beginning of something…

  3. Kathleen says:

    Congratulations for taking the first step to exploring your creativity and creating a deeper connection with yourself and thereby with others. Way to go!

  4. Kathy says:

    hahahaa so i get related to IKEA furniture!! hahaa

  5. gu says:

    U r defo creative… Your writing style already says it!!! 🙂 looking forward reading more of ya blogs!

  6. Maria Truong says:

    to be honest mary, this is the first time i have read your blog and also check out the photos from your shot. And i can honestly say, you have an amazing talent. An great eye for details and a very creative mind. I am very impress.
    keep it up. I’m looking forward to reading more of blog and the photoshots.- hey, maybe one day when you come back home, you and your team and do something like this for me and the hubby 🙂

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