• THAOSKI: What i am and what i am not

    Since setting up this blog I have been asked dozens of times if I'm a photographer. The simple answer is no I am not.

    What I am is a story teller and art director.
    I collaborate with with photographers to create unique photo shoots for couples who are engaged. Why engaged couples? Because organising weddings can be so stressful it's worth taking some time out to have a bit of fun.

    As a story teller I also write about my random thoughts and as an art director I also get asked to shoot some random things (ie. not couples).

    This is a hobby and something I do to explore my creativity, so the more random this journey becomes the better! To find out how I got started, read my first blog.

immersed in love. deep as the ocean, vast as the sea.

I have the honor and not to mention the excitement of posting these pictures up. Not only are they two of my favourite people but these pictures also represent so many things I love: friendship, beauty, nature, freedom, new beginnings and doing something unexpected and out of the ordinary. Within less than 24 hours of … Continue reading


i’m findig waking upin the morning so hard. and i’m sweating so much. i’m so tiedd .still. i’m not sure how much sleep i acutally need. i’ts tiring. i might need to look at unturtionanh exercise. cos neeeded8 horus sleep is a bitexcessive no? i think it is. i think thow ican i make each … Continue reading

Unfortunately no blog this Thursday :(

Unfortunately no blog this Thursday 😦 I’ve been busy looking for a home. Have also been working on some exciting things which should be ready on Monday so stay tuned …. or just come back on Monday 🙂 But I will leave you with one of my all time favourite songs. The first line just … Continue reading

mortality and love

Deaths, births, family obligations, sacrifice, misunderstandings, lost loves, passive aggressiveness. A bit heavy for my first blog for 2011 but my first 6 days of 2011 have been all about the above. Well not literally … but it seems that the last week or so I’ve been having countless D&M’s (deep and meaningful conversations) with … Continue reading

new years eve. lots of simmering thoughts

It’s 1am on the 31st December 2010 and technically new years eve. I’m having trouble writing this last blog. I have too many thoughts going through my head, most simmering and not yet ready to be served. So I’m going to ramble. And see if anything worthwhile comes up. This time last year … 2010 … Continue reading

the eve before xmas eve. i miss my mum.

The last 5 Christmas’s: 1 in Sydney, 3 in London, 1 in Chamonix. 1 with the family, 4 with friends (and no family). I miss my mum. I miss my family. Ever since I was 17, I’ve always spent one xmas at home, another abroad. Next Christmas at home, the following year abroad. But since … Continue reading

Jose & Paulina, fun love in the amusement park

You might remember Jose & Paulina from the shoot we did with the old steam train. What you don’t know is that we actually shot at two different locations that day. The train station during the day and a random amusement park at night. The day shoot went by so quickly. Location was superb and … Continue reading

women have ‘dragon colds’ not ‘man colds’

I’m sick. I’ve woken up feeling pretty crappy over the last 2 days. Especially this morning. I woke up feverish, moody and grumpy. So what did I do? I wrote a to-do list of all the things I had been procrastinating. All my personal admin stuff that I hate … reimbursements, calling utility companies, redirecting … Continue reading

Tin Hearts

What I love most about London is the random way you meet people and the random way you’re connected to everyone. Despite being a city with a gajjillion people, in some round about way, everyone is only a few steps removed. The random way people meet in London When I was in Thailand, David called … Continue reading

saying good bye to 524

I’m sentimental. Always have been, always will be. Not necessarily the type of person to horde stuff but “things” always remind me of people. Food is an obvious one (as per previous my blog). But music, weather, colours, smells, songs, places … can very easily trigger memories of people I love. I left flat 524 … Continue reading

autumn calls for romance and cuddles

With the risk of having my blog looking like an online shrine for Van and Garry, I’m going to post one last shoot I did for them a couple of weeks ago. It’s the final shoot that marks the end of this online saga and it also marks the beginning of what I know will … Continue reading